Adress: Rua da Lombadinha - Corujeira nº20 9385-237 Ponta do Pargo - Madeira – Portugal

GPS Coordinates: 32.804649, -17.231296


How to get (starting point - airport)

- Goes on the freeway (VR1) towards Funchal

- Go until the end of the freeway (VR1) towards Ribeira Brava

- At the end of the freeway (VR1) take the exit Ribeira Brava/Ponta do Sol

- Go until the end of the expressway (VE3) towards Calheta/Prazeres/Ponta do Pargo

- At the end of the expressway (VE3) head towards Ponta do Pargo (ER101)

- In the regional road (ER101) turn right towards Corujeira by Rua da Lombadinha

- Follow the road Caminha da Corujeira and turn right to Casas da Levada



- Funchal: 50 min.
- Calheta: 25 min.
- Porto Moniz: 25 min.
- Jardim do Mar: 20 min.
- Airport: 1 hour and 10 min.


Being at Casas da Levada is being in the heart of nature, in Ponta do Pargo, within few minutes from several “levada” walks and pathways.